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Tell you if you like Yoda too much…

this link will.

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Bad Kitty!

While I can admire somebody who goes all the way with an idea… Some ideas are probably better left alone.

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Seniors will soon be the majority of the population

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An argument against sharing photos

2009/08/24 1 comment
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No comment

Just a pic.

Maybe just a state of mind cause by dealing with clients at the office. who knows.

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This would go so well with my cap

2009/08/20 1 comment

I brought back a “Grumpy” cap from Disney World a couple of years ago..

I don’t think I’ll get this tattoo to match it. My girlfriend would stop talking to me.

Heck I would stop talking to me.

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To my fellow big guys

Please, pleeeease thinking hard before putting on a costume!

The ladies need to beware, too:

Basically, find someone you trust to tell you if you look like a boob.

Thanks to hotkey for linking me the incredible Photo Basement! Too bad it looks dead now.. still a fun browse.

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