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People will eat anything.

But I’ve never seen this used in the paid advertisements on late night tv, that’s for sure.

Eat your whole plate or no dessert!

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One unique cookbook

2010/01/29 1 comment

Wow. Got this off Kevin’s Smith Twitter.

Still can’t beleive it.

Da link.

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Probably old

but it was new to me! And just.. weird. In a disgusting way. 🙂 Clickers beware.

It could have been a super-hero name…

Da link.

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High fashion

is NOT for me.

Da link.

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Even if you don’t understand French..

2009/09/30 1 comment

you can appreciate the magic that is this guy’s talent..

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Why guys keep their shirts on

Or why they SHOULD.

Thanks hamster 🙂

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This is why you think…

long and hard before getting a tattoo.

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This is not how you tenderize meat!

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Tell you if you like Yoda too much…

this link will.

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Bad Kitty!

While I can admire somebody who goes all the way with an idea… Some ideas are probably better left alone.

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